End of Ride Critique - 13th Annual Waggin’ Trail Bike Ride, May 2, 2020

We thank you for your participation in the Waggin Trail Bike Ride for 2020. We hope that it was an enjoyable, well organized ride. To make the ride even better we solittic your comments and suggestions. So, please take a minute to reflect upon your ride experience and let us know how the ride can be even better next year.

Please select the ride you rode:

1) How did you hear about the Waggin Trail Bike Ride?

2) Suggestions for our website: www.waggintrailbikeride.com (our site will be open year-round and we invite your comments).

3) Routes

4) Road Surface

5) Traffic Control

6) Rest Stops - including drinks/food/services/distances

7) Registration, general

8) Maps

9) Other comments

Thank you for choosing to ride the Waggin’ Trail!!!