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The 94 and 65 mile routes have been established.  They both avoid the chip/seal road surface issues of past routes.

This year, the 40, 65, and 94 mile routes all follow the same course until the Brandon Rest Stop.  At that point the 40 mile route returns to Hillsboro as in the past.

The 65 mile route does a loop from Brandon, east on Hwy22 to Mertens, the South to Irene on FM 308.  At Irene, the route takes FM 1946 west to Bynum.  At Bynum you turn right on Hwy171 for just a bit and then take FM1243 north to Brandon to end the loop.  Once back at Brandon, you then go west on hwy 22 back to Outlets at Hillsboro.

The 94 mile route does a double loop at Brandon - an outer loop and an inner loop.  The outer loop takes Hwy22 from Brandon to Mertens, then south on FM308 thru Irene and on to Malone.  At Malone, it turns right onto Hwy171 thru Bynum and then turns north on FM1243 back to Brandon.  The inner loop takes Hwy22 from Brandon to Mertens, then south on FM308 to Irene.  At Irene, it takes FM1946 to Bynum.  At Bynum it turns northwest on Hwy171 for just a bit, then FM1243 back to Brandon.  Once both loops are finished, the route then heads west on Hwy22 back to Outlets at Hillsboro.


View the 94 mile route - Bull Dog Course 

View the 65 mile route - Greyhound Course

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